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Design shirts for your team, club, event, organization, family, friends, or just for fun!

Sorry for the inconvenience but our store in West Villagee has been closed.
We still do printing so if you have some printing needs please email us to tshirts@teeshirtgallery.com
For now we operate from our home office in New York City

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Make your own custom T-shirts

  (12pm to 9pm EST)
Email: tshirts@teeshirtgallery.com

Perfect Shirt
Inside of our store ( 360 Degree View )

We do printing on our garments on premises! It is done instantly in a matter of couple of minutes. All you have to do is to choose a garment and a design that you want to be printed on garment itself. Design can be chosen from our collection of over 150 already existing ones, which you can see in our store, or it can be your own. For example you can write any word, two, three or as many as we can fit on the garment of your choice. You can make a fraise on front of your shirt, on the back of your shirt or any garment of your choice.  ...more about us

...visit our gallery 



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